Cashflow Planning

Cashflow planning serves as a tool to evaluate your present financial status while also forecasting potential changes in income and spending in the upcoming days and years. This method enables you to pinpoint potential financial gaps and aids in establishing realistic financial objectives. As business and personal advisors our team are experts in cashflow planning for all types of clients.

Why cashflow plan?

Cashflow planning offers a visual representation of your financial future, giving clarity without overwhelming you with numbers. It's a valuable tool when considering significant life changes like a career switch, early retirement, or returning to school. Instead of diving into decisions blindly, you can gauge the financial consequences in advance.

This strategy isn't a one-time event; it's a collaborative and evolving process. With your advisor, you actively partake in shaping and updating your financial outlook. While the information is rooted in detailed financial data, it's presented in straightforward, comprehensible visuals. Regular check-ins ensure alignment with your financial aspirations, minimising unexpected hitches along the way.

Who is it for?

Cashflow planning is a versatile tool suitable for everyone, whether you need monthly estimates or annual predictions. It aids in shaping precise and informed financial choices for the future. Many of these planning models let you visualise potential shifts in your financial standing, especially during unforeseen events like market downturns.

It's essential to understand that these financial projections are not definitive. They offer a glimpse into potential future scenarios and should be revisited and adjusted periodically.

Why us?

At Nephos Wealth, our experts are prepared to assist you in various aspects of your personal finances and wealth planning. We utilise cashflow planning tools to analyse your present financial status, juxtaposing it with projections based on alternate financial choices you might consider.

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