Fund Raising

Growth in a company is always a good sign. It shows that the demand for your services is there, and you’re succeeding in attracting clients. But if you’re not prepared to facilitate that growth, it can bring pressure onto your existing infrastructure, resources and finance. Nephos can alleviate this pressure by helping to raise the necessary funds and manage the whole process, ensuring that your company’s growth doesn’t have any adverse effects.

Laying the groundwork

Regardless of what size of investment you need, it’s important that you’re fully prepared before you pitch any potential investors. Nephos will make sure you’re as ready as you could ever be, by writing or updating your business plans and creating technical models that will help investors understand their potential returns.

Securing the offer

Our work doesn’t finish once the groundwork has been laid. Once you’ve successfully pitched interested investors, we put our vast experience to good use to negotiate the best deal terms for you, before locating a legal team that will make sure all due diligence is done, and all legalities are taken care of.

Why us?

Our experience with venture capital and relationships with private equity houses and smaller deal specialists mean we’re in a great position to help you secure the funding you need. Plus, we can guide you through the processes and make sure that you meet the necessary criteria. Whether you need £500,000 or £50,000,000, we’re experienced at securing all levels of investments.

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