Company Secretarial Services

It’s easy for the little things to get overlooked, and a company's secretarial filings are made up of many little things. But it’s important to stay on top of these filings, particularly in jurisdictions where it’s a legal requirement to keep your filings up to date. Through our company secretarial services, Nephos provides as much help as you need, when you need it.

Staying on top of the workload

Company secretarial filings can be complex and time consuming to keep on top of, and it’s easy to find yourself prioritising other tasks in your workload that seem more important. Nephos can help you manage and organise all of your secretarial filings, including share transfers, director changes, annual confirmation statements and more.

Making life easier

We design our services to make your life easier, whether you need us on a project by project basis or longer term. It’s why we make sure that your filings are organised in an easily accessible fashion, so that when you need to show your filings to a bank or some other institution, it’s as easy as pulling a file out of its drawer.

Why us?

We’ve worked with a large number of international clients, helping them with their secretarial filings. Thanks to this experience, we have a deep knowledge of the legal requirements that different jurisdictions have. By being upfront and through direct conversations, we’ll find out exactly what you need help with and tell you exactly how we’ll provide that assistance.

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