Crypto Fund Administration

If your fund isn’t managed correctly, you could see a negative effect on its performance. That’s why it can be useful to get the help of fund administrators who can assist with all aspects of the fund. Nephos is able to provide this service, but we go one step further by offering support in the crypto asset sector.

Simplifying the process

Fund administration is a complex job at the best of times. Throw crypto assets into the mix, and it becomes considerably more complicated. Fortunately, Nephos knows all about crypto assets. Using our hard won knowledge, we can simplify the process of valuing crypto assets, making it easier to administer funds in the crypto sector.

A complete service

While we specialise in the fund administrations of crypto assets, we still provide all of the services that you would expect from your regular fund administrator. From regular net asset value calculations and financial reporting to payment of fund expenses, pricing the fund portfolio and more, we have the team and resources to provide the full range of these services.

Why us?

Nephos are experts in the crypto asset space. Having taken on the role of fund administrator for several clients, we’re in a unique position to offer this service in the crypto space, something that few others will be able to do as effectively. Using our software and with the assistance of our partners, we ensure that our work is as accurate as possible.

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