Now, if you’ve been around since the start of Nephos, you’ll have a bit of an understanding of the journey founder Joe David went on to bring it to where it is now…Nephos Group, a multi-dimensional professional service company.

Before we start, if you’re more of a listener than a reader, you’re in luck — as this article can be found in a more conversational depth between Lucas Calleja & Joe David on the Nephology Podcast. However, we love to bring to light voices through other means of content…so if you’re here, let’s dive in.

Where did it all start?

Nephos was never actually Nephos at the time, in fact, before Nephos even began, Joe was working within the corporate accounting world. Joe supported businesses to grow, looking for innovative ways to create change, to streamline processes and to step away from what we would classify as the traditional accounting role.

However, he knew that this was not the path he wanted to take when it came to his career, so instead of sticking to the usual corporate progression, he decided to go rogue (of course) and start on his own.

When Nephos began it’s journey into infancy, the messaging behind it was that the company wanted to brand itself to go above and beyond the typical accounting services around the world.

Nephos was built around the philosophy that the data used within cloud technology would help strategically support through the sole vision of how we spend our day to day, specifically how we look at, think about and utilise money.

But in reality…Nephos just wanted to showcase that accountants aren’t actually that boring and that you don’t need to wear a suit and tie to create money, save money and build more income.

It’s why we’ve never seen Joe in a suit….ever.

Nephos Group Growth…What Came Next

Like with any business, the desire to stay ahead means change.

In Nephos’ case, change meant the implementation of other offerings, specialists and the creation of Joe’s baby…Myna.

Long gone were the traditional accounting days and in came the shift many accountants feared — stepping fully into the professional services realm, with offerings from crypto accounting, business growth and strategy, Nephos Mortgages, Wealth Management and more.

A one stop shop for future minded entrepreneurs, founders and companies to step into their growth phase through the support of incredibly experienced individuals with some holding knowledge within the industry for over 20 years.

Since shifting, Nephos became Nephos Group and umbrella company with the many diverse offerings underneath it, that not only spanned across the UK but also ventured globally with the first office abroad being opened in the UAE.

Not only that, Myna launched their own NFT, Nephos Group launched their own Podcast, Nephology, articles have been launched, headlined speaker events and even book features have been noted.

What to expect now from Nephos Group

Now aside from excellent service, crypto currency support or guiding in financial management, there are no rule books that give a clear understanding of who can actually help you in the best way that is fit for a specific situation.

However, it is precisely for that reason that Nephos Group prides themselves in providing a wide range of services from accounting to wealth management or simply learning about crypto currency. Whether it is your first ride or multiple, Nephos Group takes the journey with you – every step of the way.

So, if you’re looking for an out of the box way of doing things and some of the best experts in the space…look no further.

If you’d like to find out more about Nephos Group, get in contact with us directly, or follow us on social media.