We are excited to announce the arrival of Corporate Finance into the Nephos Group world! Whether you’re looking to sell your business, buy a company or raise funds, we have an incredible team ready to support you!

To give you insight into the offerings, we’ve written up a short article to cover our Corporate Finance Offerings!

Let’s dive in.

Selling A Company with Corporate Finance

Selling a company is not something you’re going to do every day, but luckily for you it’s something we do every day.

The process for selling a company has been developed and refined using years of corporate finance industry experience and delivering for our clients’ needs. Our directors have all owned and sold their own businesses and can advise you through the technical and psychological aspects of selling your business. We can also as navigate past the pitfalls that may occur during the process of selling your business.

We are lead advisers. From end to end, we manage the entire process to ensure both confidentiality as well as the strategic price.

Our typical process includes:

  • Full market and potential purchaser research
  • Writing the information memorandum
  • Managing the flows of information
  • Preparing you for site visits and purchaser presentations and attend with you
  • Securing and negotiating strategic offers
  • Selecting and working with your legal teams
  • Managing due diligence through to legal completions

Buying A Company with Corporate Finance [MBO]

When buying a company as a management buyout candidate (MBO) you will need advice to get the structure and investment right for you and your team.

It is also essential in an MBO that you have access to the right Funders and that you present the opportunity in a format that investors are used to seeing MBO opportunities presented.

The vendor’s advisor will be aiming for the maximum possible price for the vendor and investors to maximise their funds return for their investors. It is your advisor’s job to manage these factors to ensure that you receive the maximum possible equity stake in your MBO, everyone else in the process will be using seasoned and top drawer professionals, you need someone with the experience and skills to match them.

Buying a company whether it is through MBO (management buyout) or VIMBO (vendor-initiated management buyout) requires excellent advice at key stages throughout the process, control of information and detailed financial modelling as well as contacts with the best investors for you in the market.

For over two decades we’ve been helping management buyout teams get the best deal. It is essential in an MBO process that you have excellent advice, preparation, and connections.

We offer advice on all the following stages of an MBO process:

  • Support in writing an appropriate business plan
  • Technical modelling support to fully understand Venture Capitalist (VC) returns
  • Advice on VC presentations
  • Managing the data flow and advisors during due diligence
  • Negotiating the best equity stake and managing VC offers
  • Negotiating the best price with vendors
  • Selecting and working with a legal team
  • Managing legal completion

Raising Funds with Corporate Finance

When your company is growing it inevitably brings pressure to bear on existing infrastructure, human resources, and finances. Whether it is growth via acquisition or for organic growth, we manage the process and raise the capital injection needed to secure growth.

Growth almost always puts cash flow under pressure, but it may also require significant capital investment. Our corporate finance team have well established relationships with Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Houses as well as smaller deal specialists who understand the national and international bank lending criteria and leasing house processes.  Whether you need £500,000 or £50,000,000 we have the experts to help you raise the funds you need to grow your company.

We will:

  • Re/write business plans
  • Re/write technical financial models to understand returns
  • Secure the offers
  • Negotiate the best deal terms for equity and debt capital
  • Select and work with the legal team
  • Manage due diligence through to legal completion

In conclusion

As seen above, our services are extensive, supportive and ready for you. If you’d like to find out more on how we can support you through our Corporate Finance Services, please get in contact.